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⭐ Free Online Courses  A study of cybersecurity in Saudi Arabia 🥇

Free Online Courses : A study of cybersecurity in Saudi Arabia. Free Online Courses Large groups of high school students or its equivalent have tended to search for new majors and delve into their studies, including the study of cybersecurity in Saudi Arabia, this major which has become popular with local and foreign students in light of the increasing needs of the labor market and seeing many advertisements that require studying this The field has advanced curricula and the application of the latest modern technology.


✅  Free Online Courses  Cybersecurity specialization in Saudi Arabia: 🙂

Free Online Courses In light of what the world is witnessing of electronic attacks and multiple thefts that have compromised the privacy of many and threatened the security of many countries, the need for a Free Online Courses specialization focused on how to confront these cyber attacks in a professional manner and scientific study, and here lies the importance of studying cybersecurity.

The study of cybersecurity in Saudi Arabia vaims to graduate professionally trained technical cadres to repel all electronic attacks to which networks and information systems are exposed to maintain privacy at a high level through the protection of electronic information, and legalization from theft and cyber crimes that have witnessed a significant increase over the past years.

That is why the specialty of Free Online Courses cybersecurity is one of the important branches of information technology and branching out from computer science and information systems, among the top 10 majors currently in demand at the local and global level, and it opens up many career prospects for students after graduation.

🤓 Free Online Courses What are the areas of specialization in cybersecurity in Saudi Arabia? 🤑

Free Online Courses  Saudi universities grant a bachelor’s or diploma degree in cybersecurity majors in the following academic majors:

  • Bachelor of Cyber ​​Operations.
  • Bachelor of Cyber ​​Crime.
  • Bachelor of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Diploma in Cybercrime Verification.
  • Cyber ​​Defense Diploma.
  • Big Data Diploma.
  • Cyber ​​Incident Response Diploma.

Free Online Courses  Diploma in Information Security Governance.

💥 What are the advantages Free Online Courses of studying cybersecurity in Saudi Arabia? 🔥


Free Online Courses In light of the increasing need for specialists in the field of cybersecurity, many local and Free Online Courses international universities have moved to open the door to study in this specialization with the aim of supplying the labor market with all its needs of specialized cadres in combating all risks expected to occur on the electronic network, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has succeeded in an advanced ranking in the list The best universities for teaching cybersecurity.


😂  Free Online Courses  There are many advantages behind choosing many students to study cybersecurity in Saudi Arabia specifically without other countries, including the following, for example: ✨

Free Online Courses A distinct educational environment is provided for Free Online Courses all local and foreign students without discrimination, and the partnership of Saudi universities with many of the best European universities confirms Saudi Arabia’s adoption of the best advanced teaching curricula.

Saudi Free Online Courses universities are ranked high in the global rankings of the best universities, which makes the academic certificates they provide to their students are deliberate locally and internationally.

The Free Online Courses Cybersecurity major is taught under the supervision of a group of teaching experts, who are interested in developing students’ theoretical and technical skills, and they are also field-trained as a kind Free Online Courses of practical practice and job market training.

Universities Free Online Courses in Saudi Arabia are equipped at the highest level with all the services that every student needs throughout his study period in terms of educational services Free Online Courses and advanced technological services. Free Online Courses University housing is provided for foreign students in Free Online Courses addition to Free Online Courses various private housing options.


Free Online Courses The costs of studying cybersecurity in Saudi Arabia are considered medium compared to studying in other European universities, and in return for the international services that students receive and are available throughout the study period

🙂  The best universities to study MBA in Saudi Arabia Free Online Courses 🥇


Free Online Courses : The best universities to study MBA in Saudi Arabia. Free Online Courses Today we are talking about the best universities to study MBA in Saudi Arabia, which any student with a Bachelor of Business Administration can enroll and study with in a distinct educational environment that guarantees access to all educational, cultural and entertainment services, and opens wide career prospects for him after obtaining a bachelor’s degree. .


🤓 Free Online Courses  Study MBA in Saudi Arabia: ✅


Free Online Courses The interest of the vast majority of students and their parents is always focused on finding the best universities to study MBA in Saudi Arabia, which is certainly what Free Online Courses we will talk about in the coming lines, but at the beginning we would like to review more details about studying and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Saudi Arabia.

Business administration Free Online Courses is one of the academic majors that are always required in the labor market, and the need for many competencies and cadres graduates of this particular specialty is announced, not only in the Kingdom, but also in all local and international countries.

 In view of the needs and Free Online Courses requirements of the labor market for batches and graduates of business administration, Saudi universities have taken an interest in this specialization specifically, and have prepared several advanced programs aimed at developing students’ skills at the theoretical and practical levels, direct qualification for the labor market and ways to adapt to governmental or private systems and institutions that are indispensable in the department Business Management.

🔥  Free Online Courses Subjects for studying Business Administration: 🤑

The business administration specialization is responsible for overseeing the most important activities and tasks that regulate business within any system or institution, and the business administration official is concerned with control operations, planning, organizing, leading and following up on business progress.

In order for the student to be able to confirm this specialization, he goes through the study of many academic subjects, including the following:

Principles of administration.

Public relations.

Administrative Communications.

knowledge management.

Total Quality Management.

Human Resource Management.

Strategic management.

Feasibility studies and project evaluation.

Management of change and development.

International Business Adminstration.

Total Quality Management.

Project management.

organizational behavior.

What are the best universities for studying MBA in Saudi Arabia?

In light of the competition among universities over preparing academic programs for the study of business administration, which creates a great confusion among students when researching, everyone wants to study in the best universities to study MBA in Saudi Arabia.

💥  Free Online Courses Faculty of Ibn Rushd Administrative Sciences : ✨

Which is named among the best universities to study MBA in Saudi Arabia, and in a constant aspiration to be the best in teaching this specialization not only in the Kingdom, but also in the Middle East as a whole in order to prepare future leaders and entrepreneurship.


😂 Free Online Courses Advantages of studying Business Administration at Ibn Rushd College for Administrative Sciences: 🔥

The university provides its students with a distinct educational environment in terms of the comprehensive educational, cultural, and entertainment services provided that support students to achieve success and success.

Advanced academic curriculum programs, such as those taught in major European universities, and thanks to the partnership with these universities, many educational scholarships are provided for cultural exchange.

The university adopts the idea of ​​combining scientific and technical progress with high material potential, which is ultimately reflected in the student’s level and the development of his intellectual and scientific skills.

Adopting the Free Online Courses latest supportive means and techniques in teaching, with a focus on the practical side, and professionally qualifying students for the requirements and needs of the labor market

Academic Free Online Courses certificates accredited locally and internationally to pave the way for graduates to work in any government or private organization or company.

Free Online Courses Encouraging scientific research and developing the skills of academicians to graduate the best trained human cadres in the administrative and tourism fields.

All these advantages and more make Ibn Rushd College of Management Sciences at the top of the list of the best universities for studying MBA in Saudi Arabia.

🥇 Free Online Courses  Study Information Systems Management in Saudi Arabia 🙂 

Free Online Courses  : Study the management of information systems in Saudi Arabia. Free Online Courses. With Free Online Courses the increase in technology and software penetration into our daily lives and activities, many young people are realizing that software and computer science is the future; This is what made them flock to study these specializations, including the specialization of information systems management. We see many high school graduates or its equivalent eager to enroll in educational programs related to the specialization of information systems management in Saudi Arabia.

✅  Free Online Courses  What is the specialty of information systems management? 🤓


Free Online Courses  The specialization of information systems management, or as some call it, the specialization of management information systems is a science that combines administrative specialization with the world of technology, the main goal of this specialization is to design procedures and processes related to detailed reports and implement them using modern technological systems that collect data, process it, then integrate it and store it in databases , Free Online Courses So that it is available at any time the institution or the concerned party needs to reach it.


The period of study in the information Free Online Courses management system major in Saudi Arabia in most universities does not exceed four years, and in universities that operate on the credit hour system, the student is able to complete the study of the specialization in a period not exceeding three and a half years.

Free Online Courses What is the job future for the information systems management major in Saudi Arabia?

Students enrolled in the Information Systems Management major can work in several jobs, including:

Information systems analysts.

Managers of information centers.

E-business application managers.

Information systems consultants.

Information systems designers.

Information systems project managers.

Managers or information.

🔥 Free Online Courses  Database administrators. 🤑

What are the best universities to study information systems management in Saudi Arabia?

The Kingdom realizes at the present time the interest of students in the major of information systems management, and the importance of this specialization for institutions, companies and the whole country; That is why its educational program has been included in many universities in various regions within the Kingdom, but students are enrolled exclusively in universities to specialize in information systems management, which are considered the best universities to study this specialization in the Kingdom, including:

✨ Free Online Courses College for Administrative Sciences : 💥

It is ranked among the best universities in the Kingdom in the field of information systems management. It is located in the city of Abha and has been in existence since the year 1420 AH.

The study at the university depends on a balanced approach that combines theory with scientific training, and the student receives the study in three stages, namely:

The first stage: in which he becomes acquainted with the basic skills and knowledge of the major

The second stage: related to advanced skills and concepts and includes field exercises.

The third stage: It is the stage concerned with studying the administrative curriculum from the academic university dimension.


😂  Free Online Courses  Jeddah International College : 🔥

Jeddah College includes a different group of departments to study, including the Department of Business Administration, which includes a specialization in Information Systems Management, in which students learn how to design, develop and even manage information within different institutions.

The student studies at the university all the concepts related to business administration as well as the method of analyzing information systems, studying with the credit hour system over a period of four years.

Sulaiman Al-Rajhi University :

One of the best universities to study this specialization as well, which is located in Al-Bukayriyah in Al-Qassim, has four colleges, including Sulaiman Al-Rajhi College of Business, through which you can study the specialty of information management systems.

The Sulaiman Al-Rajhi College of Business includes three majors: Management, Finance and Risk Management, Accounting and Information Systems.

In order to enroll in the university to study management information systems, it is important that the student:

High school graduate or equivalent.

Passing score of 60% for high school diploma, 40% for general hability.

Passing the personal interview.


⭐ Free Online Courses  Effat University : ⌚

The university includes the Department of Operations and Information Management, and the academic program for the specialization qualifies students to specialize in the field of information systems management, and to gain the required experiences in the labor market.

Admission to this department of the university requires:

A high school pass score of 80% for each of the scientific and literary departments.

Pass the SAT exam with a score of at least 65%.

Passing interviews.

3 letters of recommendation.

And success in the required English language tests

🥇 Free Online Courses Data Sciencie  Top 10 Websites To Learn To Code For Free 🙂

Free Online Courses Data Sciencie  : Want to learn to code for free and are looking for the best websites where you can do it at zero cost? No problem.

Today there are many free learning to code websites, and here we have listed a few that you can use to help you get started in programming successfully. Free Online Courses Data Sciencie

Even if you don’t intend to become a pro programmer, learning a programming language is a real plus if you are going to build and manage websites, applications and more.

Here are 10 websites that you can use to learn code online for free. You will find a few platforms in French in the list, but the most provided sites, when it comes to free coding courses, are often in English or have much of their information in English. Free Online Courses Data Sciencie

🤓   Learn to code for Free Online Courses Data Sciencie ✅

Top 10 Websites To Learn To Code For Free

The platform has more than 2 million members, and those who are ready to take it to the next level can opt for more elaborate training, with the key to certificates that they can apply in the world of employment. Free Online Courses Data Sciencie

To those who are willing to invest the money, OpenClassRooms promises on its page that «You find a job in your field or we will reimburse your training».

Learn Php is a site for those who want to learn the PHP programming language.

Free Online Courses Data Sciencie

Important: Learn Php is part of a bigger project to learn different programming languages. So you have Learn Python, Learn Java, Learn Html and more. To access the list of available programming languages, click on «More Languages» that you will see in the top menu of the site, then choose the programming language that interests you from the drop-down list that appears. Free Online Courses Data Sciencie

🔥 Free Online Courses Data Sciencie  APPLY NOW 🤑

If you like to interact live with your students, why not create webinars? As marketing expert Stéphanie Hétu points out, a webinar can then turn into a new product, whether it be in the form of a DVD, a book or a workbook. Plus, if it’s offered for free, you increase your chances of doing business with other people.

In short, by listening to your customers and offering different products, you can create the perfect online training. However, there is one important element to take into account: on which platform to publish your course? Leading the Learning Revolution and Thot Cursus have listed several, but if you have a preference for a Quebec product, Didacte is a choice to consider.

While you want your product to remain accessible to as many customers as possible, don’t forget the time you spent researching and preparing for courses

🔥  Free Online Courses Data Sciencie more information💥

Codecademy offers a plethora of free code lessons. You will be able to master web languages ​​such as HTML, CSS or JavaScript and learn what you need to know about Python and SQL. Those who are ready to go Pro can spend a few dollars to gain access to even more advanced courses. Free Online Courses Data Sciencie

Free Online Courses Data Sciencie . According to Html.net, it is not very complicated to create a website, and the platform aims to provide you with free coding lessons in HTML, CSS and PHP. Are you interested in building websites and want to learn the basics? Html.net should be able to help. Free Online Courses Data Sciencie

The lessons are practical and without unnecessary frills. The different chapters covered are

How to create an online training?

Becoming a freelance or self-employed worker or even an entrepreneur means learning to live with a flexible schedule, but also with variable income from week to week.

Fortunately, as Christine Paré mentions in her post on the flip side of self-employment, you can take advantage of your calm moments to develop your services or carry out a personal project.

Have you thought about creating your own online training?


Whether it is to generate passive income or to train your employees, statistics show that the field of online training is growing.

Online training as a promotional tool

If you are recognized for your expertise in your field of work, the production of online training allows you to reach potential customers while earning additional income, without having to travel.

Of course, to be able to have consistent income, you need to invest time and money to design a quality course that will meet the needs of your clients.

Some expert advice for creating an online training course

To meet the needs of your customers, it is better to know your target audience. On Formation 3.0, Marco Bertolini proposes a method to design a distance training. The first step is naturally to «analyze the needs and problems of the target audience». There is indeed a difference between a student and a professional or between an ICT expert and a neophyte.

For training that pays off, don’t hesitate to pamper your customers by offering different supports. Antoine Blanchemaison offers several examples on MasterBlog: “videos, podcasts (audios), practical sheets, PDFs, task lists, tools (Excel tables, etc.), mindmaps […], ebooks, services (webcam coaching, etc.), software, etc. ”Choose the media with which you are most comfortable.

⇨  Do you want to become an e-learning trainer? Are Free Online Courses Acredited ✔

Are Free Online Courses Acredited : If you are: trainer; coach; human resources or training manager… This course is made for you. Are Free Online Courses Acredited.  And this winter session has been completely revised and revamped. A good reason to train and boost your career in this special year 2020!

Do you want to «switch to e-learning» but you do not dare to take the plunge? Are Free Online Courses Acredited.

Wondering if this isn’t «too technical for you»?

Can you really add this string to your bow or is it just wind?

Is it really possible to create an online training course without being an IT specialist?

Can I Really Make a Living Creating Online Training Courses?

If you are asking yourself one or more of these questions, now is the time to read on …

✆  Create your online course: «Back to school 2020» session Are Free Online Courses Acredited ⛳

new e-learning platforms

new tools for blended learning

virtual, augmented, mixed reality, etc.

methods derived from microlearning

This training is certified by the ProCertif “Learning Pro” label. Are Free Online Courses Acredited

✨   You can have it financed through your OPCO.  Are Free Online Courses Acredited  ✅ 

A young woman is checking her smartphone in front of her laptop and a notepad – online training design tools Are Free Online Courses Acredited

This spring, train yourself in e-learning

Personalized support to develop your own project

Throughout this session, you will be able to participate in the weekly virtual class (by video conference) which deals with a theme linked to a stage in the development of your project. And you’ll get personalized tutoring remotely, via email, chat or video conference.

Because the objective of this 100% online training is to support you in the development of your own project!

Are Free Online Courses Acredited, Your training project can be:

the adaptation of an existing face-to-face training 100% online training (e-learning) hybrid training (blended learning: partly face-to-face, partly online)

in microlearning (very short capsules distributed on mobile devices or not)

creating original training on a subject that you are passionate about or that your clients have commissioned from you. Here too, your project can become an e-learning, blended learning or microlearning training course.

A marked but flexible route

This course includes 5 stages which have been proven. This course is established using the Design Thinking method.

😂  Definition of your project and identification of your audience Are Free Online Courses Acredited 🔥

In this first step, you will define the overall educational objective of your project. You will also work on the «pitch» of your project: how to present it in a few words that will win the support of this audience.

This audience, who is it? You will discover tools to empathize with your learners. To better understand their obstacles, which hinders them in their learning journey.

  1. Sequencing of your training and educational progression

You now have the main theme and objective of your training. You know your audience.

You must now «sequence» your training: cut it into units that can be assimilated by your future learners.

It is also necessary that the progression of the difficulty allows your learners to move from one level to another without too much suffering but without being too bored either.

This is a delicate balance that is crucial to maintaining the motivation of your future learners. Are Free Online Courses Acredited

Manual graphics – how to design the course for your learners?

Design the course for your learners

  1. The script and the notion of granularity

You will now go further in the description of your training. You will create a script, a complete scenario which details:

each educational objective of your training (what your learners will be able to do at the end of your training) Are Free Online Courses Acredited

each multimedia support (video, computer graphics, interactive map, etc.)

each activity (publication of a post, a survey, answers to a quiz, etc.)

each exercise (in the form of a quiz, project, essay, etc.)

each assessment method (how you will assess the progress of your learners)

You will discover the notion of “granularity” and how it allows you both great rigor and maximum flexibility. Are Free Online Courses Acredited

  1. Creation of multimedia supports Are Free Online Courses Acredited

Today, we have a multitude of powerful tools that transform our training into fun and dynamic courses.

In this fourth step, you will discover which tools correspond to which educational objective. Are Free Online Courses Acredited

🥇 Free Certificate Courses  Top 10 Websites To Learn To Code For Free 🙂

Free Certificate Courses  : Want to learn to code for free and are looking for the best websites where you can do it at zero cost? No problem. You have come to the right place.

Gone are the days when learning programming languages ​​was the preserve of the crème de la crème of computing, and when you had to spend large sums of money to gain access to that knowledge. Free Certificate Courses

Today there are many free learning to code websites, and here we have listed a few that you can use to help you get started in programming successfully. Free Certificate Courses

Even if you don’t intend to become a pro programmer, learning a programming language is a real plus if you are going to build and manage websites, applications and more.

Here are 10 websites that you can use to learn code online for free. You will find a few platforms in French in the list, but the most provided sites, when it comes to free coding courses, are often in English or have much of their information in English. Free Certificate Courses

🤓   Learn to code for Free Certificate Courses ✅

Top 10 Websites To Learn To Code For Free

OpenClassRooms gives you access to many free programming courses that you can take at any time. HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, programming will hold no secrets for you. The platform has more than 2 million members, and those who are ready to take it to the next level can opt for more elaborate training, with the key to certificates that they can apply in the world of employment. Free Certificate Courses

To those who are willing to invest the money, OpenClassRooms promises on its page that «You find a job in your field or we will reimburse your training».

Learn Php is a site for those who want to learn the PHP programming language. The layout of the site is not particularly attractive, but you will quickly find that it is a great place to start your learning. Free Certificate Courses

On the home page, you will see a subtitle «Learn the basics» with a list of the different courses available. Start with the first and work your way to the end. At the end of each lesson, the platform offers you an exercise to allow you to check that you have understood correctly. Free Certificate Courses

Important: Learn Php is part of a bigger project to learn different programming languages. So you have Learn Python, Learn Java, Learn Html and more. To access the list of available programming languages, click on «More Languages» that you will see in the top menu of the site, then choose the programming language that interests you from the drop-down list that appears. Free Certificate Courses

🔥 Free Certificate Courses  APPLY NOW 🤑

is the place to go to learn different programming and web development languages. The platform is really complete with tutorials and full courses to download. HTML, CSS, PHP, JAVASCRIPT, AJAX, etc. everything is there.

You can even learn how to create 2D and 3D games.

Develop.com has over a million regular users, and with its forum, you can connect with real humans if you run into any difficulties. News is even posted on the site under each category so you are up to date with recent changes.

The goal of Code.org is to integrate the learning of programming into the school curriculum. The site offers you plenty of free courses that you can take to learn and master different programming languages.

Code.org also offers a list of tutorials of one hour each to carry out specific programming. It’s very useful for those who don’t have a lot of time and want to learn how to do something in particular.

🔥  Free Certificate Courses more information💥

Codecademy offers a plethora of free code lessons. The platform invites you to join the millions of subscribers who use its platform to learn code online. You will be able to master web languages ​​such as HTML, CSS or JavaScript and learn what you need to know about Python and SQL. Those who are ready to go Pro can spend a few dollars to gain access to even more advanced courses. Free Certificate Courses

Codecademy ensures that it offers the easiest way to learn to code its website for free.

Free Certificate Courses . According to Html.net, it is not very complicated to create a website, and the platform aims to provide you with free coding lessons in HTML, CSS and PHP. Are you interested in building websites and want to learn the basics? Html.net should be able to help. Free Certificate Courses

The lessons are practical and without unnecessary frills. The different chapters covered are

✨    The best Free Online Courses in the world 💥

Free Online Courses If you need technical knowledge, choose the free courses at Udacity. Here you can learn about VR software development, Python programming, cybersecurity, data analysis, and more. Free Online Courses LinkedIn.

The biggest  Free Online Courses challenge for anyone forced to work from home is staying productive and focused. To help you with this, LinkedIn offers a series of free themed courses. You will find tips on how to organize your team’s work, stay productive and deal with stress, and you can earn a certificate of completion.

 🔥  Free Online Courses  How else to spend time at home with benefit 🤑  

  1. Watch the performances of the Metropolitan Opera Free Online Courses

Despite the fact that most of the cultural institutions are closed, you can still watch your favorite shows. The Metropolitan Opera New York shows performances online and gives access to their viewing for 20 hours. Playbill for the coming days

March 19 – “La Traviata” by D. Verdi;

March 20 – “Daughter of the Regiment” by G. Donizetti;

March 21 – “Lucia di Lammermoor” by G. Donizetti;

March 22 – “Eugene Onegin” by P. Tchaikovsky.

You can find more information about this initiative on the Metropolitan Opera website.

  1. Listen to archival recordings of the Vienna State Opera Free Online Courses

The Vienna Opera offers its own leisure option for all lovers of classical music. You can listen to recordings of her performances every evening, they are also available for 24 hours. It is worth joining the stream in advance, because there are many who want to listen to the Vienna Opera for free. Free Online Courses

  1. Get into the Digital Concert Hall of the Berlin Philharmonic Free Online Courses

While the Berlin Philharmonic is closed, you can access the Digital Concert Hall for 30 days. The site contains records of archival speeches and interesting documentaries that can be watched on a TV, laptop or other convenient device.

To get access, it is enough to register on the site by March 31st and enter the BERLINPHIL promo code.

  1. Visit exhibitions with Google Arts & Culture

We know that opera and ballet are not for everyone, so we have added other free cultural activities to the list. For example, on Google Art & Culture, you can see exhibitions of the best museums in the world, including:

Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, Netherlands;

Museum of Modern Art in New York, USA;

Belvedere, Vienna, Austria;

Orsay Museum, Paris, France;

National Gallery, London, UK

🤓  Picture of artsy workspace Free Online Courses ✅  

  1. Walk the deserted streets with Google Street View Free Online Courses

This is entertainment for those who are interested in seeing empty streets in different parts of the world. You probably don’t know what the Trevi Fountain or the Spanish Steps look like in Rome without crowds of people. Free Online Courses.

  1. Watch your favorite movies and TV shows

If you didn’t have free time to watch your favorite movies, do it now. Moreover, there are enough opportunities. For example, online cinemas Premier and more.tv have opened their libraries free to users, and MEGOGO has expanded its library of free movies.

  1. Read the classics in a new way

The Arzamas.academy project offers a new look at all familiar books. In 9 lectures, you will learn interesting facts about 9 classic novels, including The Three Musketeers, The Count of Monte Cristo and Jane Eyre.

 Hopefully this list of courses and events will help you stay productive, feel good, and calm for the next few weeks. We will also keep an eye on which platforms offer free access to their service and add new interesting sources to the list.

🙂 Bookmark this list and stay tuned for our updates! Free Online Courses 🥇

In the meantime, you can read our other articles:

  1. Best Free Online Courses in Graphic, Web and UI / UX Design
  2. A selection of free online courses on Photoshop alternatives

3.10 resources with online photography courses Free Online Courses.

🙂  Free Certificate Courses Distance learning: the right to know «if the pupils have done well». 🥇

Free Certificate Courses  : Parallel to the search for platforms (which triggered the functional inadequacy syndrome) Free Certificate Courses  where the teacher should or could find that virtual space in which to reconstruct his class, the focal node should have been addressed (but no one has paid the due and necessary attention) teaching and training. And this need has not been sufficiently and sometimes effectively verified. Free Certificate Courses.

We preferred to gloss over, remain silent, Free Certificate Courses at times, avoiding answering the countless questions that came from pupils, parents and teachers and school managers, rather than confronting each other. How to deal, then, beyond and on this side, of the marginal line that separates teaching from any informative action, the evaluation in distance learning?

And if we wanted, perhaps with more dramatic reference to the condition with which learners and parents are confronted on a daily basis, with this abnormal and boundless, almost maniacal motivation of some teachers to simply assign tasks, to answer objectively to the question that, almost unambiguously, the Italian students ask themselves and reads «What did you bring me to do above the LMS if you no longer want to evaluate me?» Free Certificate Courses

🤓  The right to know your rating Free Certificate Courses ✅

If we separate it from the context of reference and from the historical moment, we could say that whatever you do and cannot be evaluated, even if only of appreciation, is of little use and, worse still, it motivates less (it does not motivate at all, in other words). In the days of suspension of teaching, the experiences of FAD increase dramatically. After the first phase, that of the impact with the prolonged closure of the school, the dilemma arose, for learners and students, of «how» to carry out this blessed online teaching, which, it is evident that this is the case, does not one can marginalize the mere administration (sterile loading on the platform or on the electronic register bulletin board) of contents and handouts, attention, as it should be, is making the second question the protagonist. That, that is, relating to the evaluation of pupils. There is? Is it a teacher’s right? Is it a duty of the teacher? Or is it simply the most important right of pupils and, for primary and lower secondary schools, of the same parents? Free Certificate Courses

🤑   Evaluation and schools Free Certificate Courses 🔥

And how should schools behave about this?

The answer is not simple and, in this and other emergency circumstances, it is not even obvious and immediately formulated. However, we feel we can build a reasoning starting from two supporting elements. Free Certificate Courses.

The first supporting element of them can be deduced from the statements of the Ministry of Education itself. Free Certificate Courses Who, rightly, Free Certificate Courses  has strengthened the concept, by now we hope sufficiently rooted, according to which the evaluation is a peculiarity that belongs (and is not transferable) to the teacher, without superior constraints and, mainly, without interference (just to remind him to who, with unprecedented superficiality, sometimes even in defiance of the norm, involves parents in it, as if to please and please them). Rightly, the department heads Giovanna Boda (Head of the Department for human, financial and instrumental resources) and Marco Bruschi (Head of the Department for the education and training system) have argued that «The current legislation (Dpr 122/2009, D .lgs 62/2017), beyond the formalized moments relating to ballots and state exams, leaves the docimological dimension to the teachers, without instructing particular protocols which are more a source of tradition than legislation «, on the other hand» teachers and school managers have posed the problem of evaluating learning and checking attendance. Depending on the platforms used, there are a variety of tools available. » Referring to the note, therefore, evaluation is also present in distance learning. How could he have imagined anything other than the obvious? It will be the teacher who will set the modalities, times and object relating to the assessment of learning. Naturally, by leveraging the indications that each school provides, or already has in the PTOF, on the subject of evaluation. Leaving aside, of course, the fact that the Coronavirus emergency is an exceptionality, better the exceptionality.

✨ 😂  Without feedback, no learning process can proceed Free Certificate Courses 💥

The evaluation, needless to underline it, is an essential moment of the didactic process. And this, not for the teachers, who obviously cannot avoid checking and evaluating, but for the students. Free Certificate Courses

If it is the school that must guarantee training, it cannot fail to use assessment to determine the strategies to be adopted and which allow the Free Certificate Courses

🙂  Free Online Courses  In the simplest models, based for example on the theory 🥇

Free Online Courses  : More generally, Free Online Courses  it may be useful, to understand this debate, to take up the concepts of behavioral model and epistemic model Free Online Courses  – the reader who wishes to explore the question in depth can read the writings of Nicolas Balacheff (1992). By producing a behavioral model from traces of interaction, the analyst already performs a first sorting, Free Online Courses  which eliminates all traces that constitute parasitic noises, which have little meaning in terms of learning. Refreshing a page is an action that can, for example, result from a simple slowdown in the internet connection. There is no need to over-interpret it in terms of knowledge or competence. Only then can we move from the behavioral model to the epistemic model, which aims to characterize the knowledge and skills of learners. Free Online Courses.

Response to item (TRI), we assign a score to a learner, which increases or decreases, depending on the success rate of the proposed exercises. Many AIs in education, like Knewton, are based on this principle, automatically Free Online Courses estimate a learner’s level using this psychometric method, and offer personalized exercise sequences by selecting exercises corresponding to the estimated level of the learner. On the other hand, consumer products that integrate these approaches are extremely rare, and LMS (Learning Management System) such as Moodle, widely used by institutions, do not yet have this type of functionality (unless you install the plug-in Adaptive Quizzing from Moodle, based on IRT, which I recently discovered). Free Online Courses

🤓  Free Online Courses  At most, general public tools make it possible to visualize a student’s progress in a given learning scenario ✅

The score changing with the number of exercises performed. This is for example the case of the SIDES platform, based on Moodle, and used by the digital university of health studies. We can see that such or such student (previously anonymized) has progressed in dermatology or cardiology. On the other hand, the results provide little information about his knowledge or skills because the sources of error are diverse and only very specific software that has required years of research allow attempts to be made in this area. Free Online Courses.

🔥 Free Online Courses  There remains one last option, which has been on the rise for several years: help with human diagnosis.  🤑

The traces, modeled via indicators displayed in dashboards designed specifically for the assessment, are then presented to the humans who are in charge of interpreting them and carrying out the final diagnosis. To learn more, we can read some French-speaking research on Pepidiag, for algebra (Delozanne et al., 2003), or the work on the development of dashboards associated with the creation of mind maps (Carrillo, Prié, Guillaume and Lavoué, 2018). Platforms are blind to what is going on in the classroom, and only know the traces they leave about their learners. The teacher or trainer, better equipped in this area, can thus supplement the information provided by the machine. However, the time required for such an approach to obtain a reliable result should not be underestimated, and in particular if we want to take into account all the elements that may bias the diagnosis. It is not yet for now that teachers and trainers will use this approach routinely. Free Online Courses

Suddenly, we can see several possible strategies to move from the trace to «precise  Free Online Courses  monitoring of learning», Free Online Courses  but the configurations that allow these inferences are very rarely met, and the computer environments of e-learning used globally almost never fulfill this function. Promising advances still confined to a few niches should not be confused with the reality of everyday uses and tools. In other words, let’s hope that we are moving in this direction, but remain cautious for now. Free Online Courses

✨ And even if we were to achieve significant progress in establishing correspondences between traces and diagnoses of knowledge,  Free Online Courses 💥

We would have to look at the ethical questions raised by such an approach. We have already witnessed institutions using trace-based diagnostics to estimate a Free Online Courses given student’s Free Online Courses chances of successfully passing a national test. What will happen when an institution wants to improve the success rate of its training courses by preventing students with an unpromising diagnosis from taking the exam? Free Online Courses It is just one example among many, but very representative of the situations we may face in the future. Free Online Courses.

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Free Online Courses  :  This last step of your Intensive Russian training leads us to study the last Russian case, the instrumental (with what, with whom…) and the few prepositions that govern it. We will learn the Russian form of imperative verbs, with the help of cooking recipes. We will use indefinite pronouns. We will continue learning Russian verbs of displacement, this time we will focus on compound verbs of displacement (called preverbal).

But above all, we will go over the aspects of verbs, so as to be sure to definitively distinguish verbs and their uses. And of course, we will review our knowledge of all cases, taken as a whole.

This step is really that of confirming what we know and our personal plans and goals related to learning Russian! Free Online Courses.

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An unprecedented course that I built based on my own difficulties in learning the French language – and on my successes. I have received a lot of requests from students who want to join my classes and I want to continue to provide quality content. So I decided to offer this beginner training to those who want to take the leap and learn Russian as it is spoken in Russia. To start learning Russian, or get it all back, on the right foot!


I ask you in return, and at the end of each part of the course in the 3 subjects (fashion designer sewing), to send me the photos of your work, the description of your projects and your testimony. I need them to control the quality of my courses and to promote them on the web and social networks, indicating your name or stylist nickname as the source, in full respect of your copyright. (you have my free lessons and I take advantage of your testimonials to increase my audience, it’s simple).

The first parts in the 3 subjects are available directly on this site. All you have to do is click on the «100% free courses» tab, choose your subject, and then enjoy the content of the page by using the links one after the other in the order they appear. You are free to choose to study one or more subjects, together or one after the other.

✅    Free Online Courses  Where can I take online courses? MORE INFORMATION ✨

Free Online Courses : Finally, it is possible to acquire all kinds of knowledge through Free Online Courses. This can range from secondary education, political science, accounting or design. On platforms like Coursera or OpenClassroom, you can even train in the creation of start-ups, for example.

If you want direct contact with the teacher, Free Online Courses then one-to-one online tuition may be what you need. There are many online course platforms that aim to connect students with teachers for courses on a wide variety of topics.

Free Online Courses  With Classgap, you just have to register on the platform and several teachers of the subject you want to work will be offered to you. Prices may vary because teachers set their prices.

🔥 Free Online Courses  The advantage of this system is that you pay the teacher but you do not have to commit to a fixed term.  🤑

If the teacher does not suit you or your training is over, then you can stop or change teachers. It is very flexible and adapts very to suit everyone’s needs. Free Online Courses

In addition, being in contact with the teacher during lessons, through the virtual classroom, allows for an interactive exchange, which makes the lesson human and dynamic. Indeed, a real relationship is created between the student and his teacher which allows the latter to better understand the expectations and objectives of the student. The personalization of the training is very important.

🤓 Free Educational Applications Free Online Courses  ✅

Finally, Free Online Courses  the last alternative you have to train online is free sites. Apps like Duolingo can be a good alternative for distance learning if you need support in a subject without feeling the need to hire a private tutor or if you cannot afford it. In fact, all you have to do is register to access all the content of the programs for each year up to the baccalaureate, which is very regularly updated.

Free Online Courses  So thanks to simple diagrams and explanations or activities, one can have a complement of what is seen in class, explained in another way and with another point of view. Exercises and corrections are also made available to the student to help him in his learning.

🙂  Free Online Courses  On the other hand, the disadvantage of this system is the little or no customization in the training.  🥇

We go to the site to consult it and find the information, but there is no discussion with a teacher, which may be missing.

In addition, the target of these sites is quite limited because it involves tutoring up to the baccalaureate. So this does not include vocational or extra-curricular training, and there are very similar sites for programs in other countries, such as Khan Academy, which is more international.

Now that you have a good idea of ​​what is out there with online course platforms these days, finding distance learning is no longer a problem. So no more excuses, let’s get going!

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This step is placed under the sign of the first case, the nominative (who, what) that you will discover and with which you will be familiar. Free Online Courses  How to learn a case? While speaking ! How to speak ? Repeating !! Like a child ! Free Online Courses

Greet each other, get to know each other, ask how you are doing, say where you live, talk about things you like … while learning the alphabet, personal.